DynamoDB is a non-relational NoSQL database service that scales seamlessly providing fast and predictable performance.

It enables people to offload administrative burdens for operating and scaling distributed databases to AWS such as setup and config., provisioning, replication, throughput capacity planning, software patching, or cluster scaling.

With DynamoDB you get encryption at rest and you can scale your throughput capacity (up or down) without performance impact or downtime. Utilization and performance metrics can be monitored through the AWS management console.

How Does it Work?

DynamoDB is pretty interesting because it actually will automatically spread data and traffic for your tables over a number of servers…

ElastiCache for Redis is quite interesting when you understand the real world use cases for it. If you’ve ever done anything in SEO, you’ve come to the realization that your web pages need to load incredibly fast. Think about it. You’re on a third party website trying to buy a lamp and it takes forever to load. What do you do? You probably open up Amazon.com and buy a lamp on there in about 3 steps with incredibly fast load times.

How is this possible? This is where ElastiCache for Redis can help out. It can help out with delivering…

This will be another high-level overview of an AWS service, specifically EFS. The goal here is to immerse you in some of the building blocks so that you can pass your Certified Solutions Architect Associate (CSAA) exam.


Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) is a scalable cloud file storage solution for use with EC2 instances. It’s elastic because it will automatically grow and shrink as you add/remove files. It has a simple interface that enables you to create and configure file systems quickly and simply. It’s similar to EBS, but with EBS you can only mount your virtual disk to one…

A Comprehensive Guide to become a Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Storage gateway is a hybrid cloud storage solution that connects an on-premise software appliance (with cloud storage) to the AWS cloud. This allows you to integrate your on-premise applications and workflows with AWS storage (block and object storage services) through secure industry standard protocols.

It will store files as S3 objects, archive virtual tapes (Glacier), and stores EBS snapshots (via Volume Gateway/EBS). It’s actually available for download as a VM (virtual machine) image which you install on a host within your datacenter. The acts as a portal or ‘gateway’ to the AWS cloud. It supports VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V…

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) is Amazon’s object storage service that deploys at the click of a mouse. In fact, it’s actually the same exact storage that Amazon uses to power their own ecommerce machine. Essentially, the idea here is that you can store and retrieve any amount of data, from anywhere on the web, at any time through the AWS Console.

I’ve put together this guide as a comprehensive review for the CSAA certification through Amazon. The professional certification will probably span more content and technicalities. I’ve compiled information from various courses, blogs, and videos here as a single…

Did you know that your thought patterns influence your biochemistry? How we think affects our physical attributes as well as our outcomes. Studies have shown that our thoughts alone can significantly impact our fitness, vision, and strength among other things.

So how can we change our thought patterns for the better?

The classic approach is to wash down some ashwagandha with a swig of CBD oil, add fresh turmeric, and call it a day. While these have many benefits, we’re missing the elephant in the room: our thoughts.

Our thoughts, you see, sculpt our brain. An architect who designs 3D…

What would happen if you saw things from the complete opposite point of view? Often times we get stuck in life, business, and our endeavors. We find out that the same tactics that got us here today, won’t get us where we’re trying to go.

An American diplomat, captured and held hostage in Iran, took control by acknowledging his opponents. Whenever his guards came into his room he would invite them to sit down.

“They became my guests,” explained the diplomat, “and in this small way, I established command of the situation. …

We now live in a connection economy. Connections are more important than ever before, but networking is broken.

Your whole life you grow up with heavily structured social networks. You’re in school. You’re participating in sports and extracurricular activities. Then, you head off to college where there are fraternities, sororities, and all other forms of social groups.

Next you make it to the real world and begin working. After you begin working, you realize that there are no social groups or supporting structures to add to the mix any more. What happened? …

Anxiety-inducing menu

Often we find ourselves deciding. And most of us loathe decisions. Which restaurant will we eat at? What job will we take?

We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with messages, ads, and information, so our default reaction has become to ignore everything. No more decisions, order a pizza for the night and stay in to watch TV. Stay put in our current job because we’re too scared to take a risk.

It’s why there are more employees than employers/entrepreneurs in the world. It’s why the business of convenience, services, and simplicity have become so big. …

“How did you do it?”, he asked.

“How did I do what?”, I answered confused.

“How do you go up there and deliver that presentation so confidently?”.

It was the middle of training at a large IT corporation and we were taking a break after presenting some product pitches to a large group. Social pressure was imminent and creating an environment for everyone to get better.

This was an entry-level role into inside sales and many students had never sold or presented before.

“Honestly, I faked it”, I said after thinking about it.

The silence that followed was almost confirmation…

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Editor on Absolute Zero.

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